Rockpool Collection launching soon

How it’s made

But how is it made? 

I talk a lot about my wax masters/models and having them cast but what does that truly mean. 

Lost wax casting is the process of pouring molten metal into a mould that has been made around a wax masters/model. The wax inside is melted away or lost, leaving the space to be filled by my molten precious metal of choice. Hence the name, lost wax casting. 

Why use wax?
Wax is such a versatile, affordable, malleable and very hard working material. Wax allows me to create pieces by hand that I might not have ordinarily been able to produce directly in metal. The process lends itself well to create texture, organic forms  but not only that, can be used for technical pieces with exacting design.  With certain bespoke designs I'm able to work in wax to show clients a design in 3D. This is a great way to visualise the design, foresee any design flaws or changes before it's cast in  precious metal.
Working in wax is a very cathartic process, I've thoroughly enjoyed  creating both the Uisce Collection and our upcoming Rockpool Collection with this traditional casting technique.